Clash of Clans Events

In Clash of Clans game, events are the central part that plays a fundamental role in engaging the players with the game for a long time. These events present a variety of challenges, to make your bond strong with the game, to win many rewards, and to gain a new experience from these events and challenges. These events save its players from yawning and produce excitement and suspenseful feelings among them.

Recent Events

Clan Games

Clan games are repeated events that promote Teamwork among the players. The clan members work together to complete different tasks and rewards. These tasks include the donation of troops, earning stars in multiplayer battles, collecting resources, and so on. The higher points you get, the higher the rewards you earn. This event promotes a sense of support and strong team bonds among the clan members.
clan games

Tips for Success

  • Make a strong bond with the team members and cooperate with each other to pay attention to the challenges.
  • Collect the magic items and use them to boost your troop training and development for war.
  • Communicate with the team members to learn about your clan’s planning and strategies to contribute to the war productively.

Season Challenges

This event lasts a whole month and brings exclusive rewards to the players. Every single day, you get a mission to complete and as a result, you accomplish the rewards. These missions include winning battles, upgrading buildings, completing campaign missions, and so on. After completing these missions, you can collect your rewards such as gems, elixirs, gold, spells, and many surprising gifts. This reward-based event encourages the players and engages them with the game for the long term.

Tips for Success

  • Your first priority should be those tasks through which you can earn maximum points to maximize your development.
  • Use the VIP gold pass to collect more perks.
  • The players will upgrade the buildings and can attack more during the seasons to earn more points and rewards.
  • Use magic items wisely to get maximum benefit from them.
  • Schedule regular play sessions to complete daily and weekly challenges and take breaks between attacks.
Wild West challenges

Special Events

A special event is a celebration party that comes for a specific short period. These events are the celebration of anniversaries, holidays, festivals, etc, and come with seasons in Clash of Clans. These events offer bewildering challenges, game modes, special rewards that are limited to this event, unique battles, and much more. These missions are time-limited chances for the players to showcase their peculiar skills and earn rewards.

Tips for Success

  • Use your troops and their peculiar powers according to the event’s need.
  • Get benefits from the events that feature your troops and magic spells as the events reduce their training costs and time.
  • Do plan mapping to complete various challenges and earn big rewards.
clan war league

Clan War Leagues

Clan war leagues are war events in which the clans fight with each other in the form of a team. There are seven rounds in which the clans compete with each other. On the first day, the clans enter into the preparation day, and on the second day, they fight with each other. The clan that performs well will be promoted and gain rewards. The defeated one will be demoted to the lower league than its current one.

Work for Hire Event

The work-for-hire event is the most favorite one among the players. In this event, two goblin workers come to help you. One goblin is known as a Goblin Builder and the other one is known as a Goblin Researcher. They can only work in the home village and will be unlocked on town hall seven. They help the player when his builder slot is filled and he still needs to upgrade important buildings. The goblin researcher will help him with the laboratory work and the goblin builder will build the buildings.

work for hire

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be notified in the game on the vent tab, whenever the new event comes.

If your clan is not active and participating effectively then you can join a new clan. 

Before you join a new clan, search about whether it will give you benefits and lead you to gain new experience or if it is a clan like your previous one, an inactive one.

Yes, event rewards are worthy as you complete the challenges and earn more rewards than attacking simply the opponent in your home village. 

This huge reward also boosts your progress and development as you gain more, you will be able to upgrade your resources and defenses more to make them stronger.


Clash of Clans game launches peculiar and bewildering events to entertain its players and to save them from yawning, brain fog, and boredom and also engage them with this game for the long term. That’s the reason these events are the backbone of the Clash of Clans games. By participating in these events, players will use new strategies and techniques. As a result, they gain new experience and invent new techniques by winning unbeatable and impossible challenges.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

My name is Michael Johnson. I am playing clash of clans game since 2015. I am the leader of a clan (My clan name is: Most Wanted) and also managing a team of 150 people who are running more than 10,000 accounts. We are the one who have seen all the ups and downs of this game.