Best Builder Hall Level 7 Base with Link, Anti Air, Anti 3 stars Layout - Clash of Clans BH7 (01)

In this builder base, the builder hall is placed in the center of the base. The air bomb, firecrackers, crushers, multi-mortar, guard post, roaster, spring trap, and double cannon are placed in this section. We have placed the builder barracks, elixir storage, cannon, gem mine, and gold storage in the first part.

The archer towers, hidden tesla, elixir collector, and gold mine are placed in the second part of the base.  The remaining buildings like the clock tower, laboratory, and other resources are placed outside the walls. These will slow down the attacker’s troops and give time to the defenses to attack. 

The OTTO’s outpost is placed in the center of the base in the multi-stage of the builder base. We have placed the double cannons, cannons, archer tower, firecrackers, and hidden teslas are placed in this section. The remaining resources are placed outside the walls to slow down the attacker’s troops.

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Defense Working:

In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops

Name Max level Hit points
Boxer Giant(02)
Level 14
Raged Barbarian(16)
Level 14

Attacker’s Heroes

Name Max level Hitpoints
Battle Machine
Level 20

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Deploy the raged barbarians.
  2. Deploy the boxer giant.
  3. Deploy the battle machine.

The attacker will deploy the battle machine to destroy the defenses. He will deploy the boxer giants to clear the buildings. Then he will deploy the raged barbarians to damage the resources that are placed outside the walls and other buildings. These troops will destroy the base.

The multi-mortar, hidden tesla, and roaster will do a defensive attack on the attacker’s troops. Then he will boost the power of his boxer giant and the battle machine to make them stable and to protect them. After the attack, the boxer giant will be damaged and lose his ability.

The cannon cart of the base will damage the troops of the attacker. He will use 70 percent of his army to destroy the base. The remaining troops will clear some of the buildings but will not be able to stay for a long time due to the strong base. The attacker will be defeated and will be unable to get three stars.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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