Top Troll Base TH15 with Link, Funny Layout - Clash of Clans (32)

In this base TH15, (Funny layout), the walls, resource and defense buildings are placed together making a net. The knots of the net are connected through the resource and defense buildings. The town hall is placed in the middle of this layout connecting the blocks of the net with another one.

The heroes include the barbarian king, archer queen, royal champion and grand warden are placed there. The edges of this layout are decorated by the decoration pieces. We designed this funny layout to irritate or confuse the attacker.

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Defense Working:

In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops:

Name Max level Hit points
Barbarian (01)
Level 11
Barbarian Kicker (06)
Level 11
Wizard (04)
Level 11
Ice Golem (03)
Level 7
Bowler (31)
Level 7

Attacker’s Spells:

Name Max level Ability
Healing Spell(02)
Level 9
2200 (total troop heal)
Rage Spell (01)
Level 6
30 (speed increase)
Freeze Spell (03)
Level 7
5.5 (spell duration)
Overgrowth Spell (01)
Level 3
26 sec (spell duration)

Attacker’s Heroes:

Name Max level Hitpoints
Royal Champion
Level 40
Grand Warden
Level 65

Attacker’s Pets:

Name Max level Hitpoints
Poison Lizard
Level 10
Level 10

Attacker’s Siege Machine:

Name Max level Hitpoints
Log Launcher
Level 4

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Deploy the Barbarian Kickers.
  2. Deploy the Log Launcher.
  3. Deploy the Ice Golems.
  4. Deploy the Bowlers.
  5. Deploy the Grand Warden and Phoenix.
  6. Deploy the Royal Champion and Poison Lizard.
  7. Deploy the Barbarian.
  8. Deploy the Wizards.
  9. Cast the  Healing and Rage Spells.
  10. Cast the Freeze and Overgrowth Spells.

The opponent will come with the above army. He will deploy one barbarian kicker. The barbarian kicker will destroy the cannon. Then the attacker will deploy the log launcher, ice golems, bowlers and his remaining army. 

This log launcher will throw the contraption pummel on everything in front of it with logs to clear the path for other troops but it will be destroyed by the defense buildings. The army will be attacked by the builder’s hut, grand warden statue and x-bows. Some of the bowers will be destroyed. The ice golems will also be damaged by the defense buildings such as builders’ huts, x-bows, double cannon and other defense buildings. 

When the inferno towers keep attacking the bowlers and barbarian kickers, the attacker will cast the rage spell to give them speed and attack power. The barbarian kickers will be destroyed. Meanwhile, the bowlers will bounce their boulders to damage the buildings. In the meantime, the attacker will cast the overgrowth spell to divert the attention of his army on the other side.

The attacker will use the freeze spells on the eagle artillery and other defense buildings near the eagle artillery. The spell will be cast for a few seconds. The eagle artillery will be destroyed. In response, the attacker’s troop will be destroyed by the scattershots and giga inferno. 

Though the attacker will destroy some of the buildings, he can’t compete with the strong defensive mechanism of this layout. That’s how the attacker will face tragedy on this perfectly designed layout. He will be unable to get three stars.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

My name is Michael Johnson. I am playing clash of clans game since 2015. I am the leader of a clan (My clan name is: Most Wanted) and also managing a team of 150 people who are running more than 10,000 accounts. We are the one who have seen all the ups and downs of this game.