Top Farming Base TH16 with Link, Hybrid, Anti Air, Anti 2 stars, Anti 3 stars Layout - Clash of Clans (01)

In this top farming base th16, (Hybrid, Anti Air, Anti 2 stars, Anti 3 stars Layout), Townhall is placed in the center of the base along with a scattershot, monolith, x-bows, air sweepers, air defense, and many traps. There are six sections around it. In the first section, we have placed a multi-archer tower, x-bows, a giant bomb, mortar, elixir storage, and a spring trap.

We have placed x-bows, cannon, gold storage, dark elixir storage, mortar, and wizard tower in the second section of the base. In the third and fourth sections, we have placed two gold storages, seeking air mines, air defense, and air bombs. In the fifth and sixth sections, eagle artillery, a clan castle, and a hidden tesla are placed here. 

All the remaining buildings are placed outside the wall to slow down the attacker’s troops.

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Defense Working:

In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops:

Name Max level Hit points
Balloon (10)
Level 11
Electro Dragon (09)
Level 7

Attacker’s spell

Name Max level Ability
Freeze Spell (05)
Level 7
5.5s (spell duration)
Rage Spell (03)
Level 6
30 (speed increase)

Attacker’s Heroes

Name Max level Hitpoints
Barbarian King
Level 95
Royal Champion
Level 45

Attacker’s Pets

Name Max level Hitpoints
Level 10
Poison Lizard
Level 10

Attacker’s Siege Machine

Name Max level Hitpoints
Flame Flinger
Level 4

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Deploy flame flinger.
  2. Deploy balloon.
  3. Deploy electro dragons.
  4. Deploy the barbarian king.
  5. Deploy frosty.
  6. Use freeze spells. 
  7. Deploy royal champion.
  8. Deploy poison lizard.
  9. Use rage spells

The attacker will deploy a flame flinger with the above army, but the base defenses will instantly damage it. He will deploy a single balloon that does not cause any destruction on the base and would be destroyed by the hidden tesla and wizard tower.

He will deploy electro-dragons behind it to clear the other resources, but the strong base defenses will destroy a few. Here, he will use a freeze spell on the wizard tower to secure his troops for a while.  

Then he will deploy other balloons on the next corner of the base to cause more destruction, but these balloons will be destroyed after destroying only two to three buildings. While deploying balloons, he will again use a freeze spell to save them from air defense. He will use 60 percent of his army until now.

After that, he will deploy the remaining troops and heroes with their pets to clear the base, but the remaining troops will not be able to survive the attack. The Inferno Tower will finish the royal champion after destroying some buildings.  

He will use rage spells on electro-dragons to increase their speed and make them strong for some time. Due to this good base, the attacker will not get two or even three stars in this attack.  

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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