Top Base TH16 with Link, War/CWL, Defense Layout - Clash of Clans (51)

In this base TH16, (War/CWL, Defense Layout ), the town hall is placed in the middle of the village surrounded by one scattershot, a clan castle, inferno towers, an x-bow, wizard towers, air sweepers and eagle artillery. The walls are placed around it uniquely. 

We have designed this layout with multiple outer sections.

These compartments cover the whole layout. These compartments have multiple buildings including multi-archer towers, wizard towers, cannons, mortars, dark elixir drills, air defenses, and other resource buildings. The walls are peculiarly placed around these compartments. The barbarian king, archer queen, royal champion and grand warden are also placed there.

Its surroundings are covered with remaining resources and defense buildings. It helps to slow the opponent’s attack.

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Defense Working:

In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops

Name Max level Hit points
Balloon (42)
Level 11
Wizard (05)
Level 12
Lava Hound (03)
Level 6

Attacker’s Spells

Name Max level Ability
Healing Spell(02)
Level 10
2400 (total troop heal)
Rage Spell(02)
Level 6
30 (speed increase)
Freeze Spell(03)
Level 7
5.5 (spell duration)

Attacker’s Heroes

Name Max level Hitpoints
Royal Champion
Level 45
Grand Warden
Level 70

Attacker’s Pets

Name Max level Hitpoints
Level 10
Level 10

Attacker’s Siege Machine

Name Max level Hitpoints
Battle Blimp
Level 4

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Deploy Balloons.
  2. Deploy Lava Hounds.
  3. Deploy the Battle Blimp.
  4. Deploy the Grand Warden with Phoenix.
  5. Deploy the Wizards.
  6. Deploy the Royal Champion and Frosty.
  7. Cast the Healing Spells.
  8. Cast the Rage Spells.
  9. Cast the Freeze Spells.

The opponent will come with the above army. He will deploy the forty-two balloons on the single side of the layout. The defense buildings will attack them and destroy some balloons. The attacker will deploy the lava hounds, battle blimp, grand warden and royal champion with their pets.

They will destroy the outer buildings. The battle blimp and other troops will destroy the hidden teslas and air defense. Inferno towers, eagle artillery, wizard tower and x-bows will attack them. The attacker will use the healing spells to heal his troops and cast rage spells to give them the speed and attack power.

He will also cast the freeze spell on the town hall and the defense buildings around it. On the other side, the lava hound will get attacked by the defense buildings. The destroyed lava hound will convert into mini menaces which will attack the hidden teslas and an air defense accompanied by elixir storages. He will deploy the wizards which will destroy the outer buildings.

The grand warden and his pet will be destroyed by the monolith and scattershot. Due to the poor planning of the attacker for attacking this strong and smartly designed layout strategy, he will not get three stars as the battle ends.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

My name is Michael Johnson. I am playing clash of clans game since 2015. I am the leader of a clan (My clan name is: Most Wanted) and also managing a team of 150 people who are running more than 10,000 accounts. We are the one who have seen all the ups and downs of this game.