Top War Base TH5 with Link, Anti 2 stars, Anti 3 stars, Anti Air, War/CWL Layouts - Clash of Clans (03)

In this war base th5, (Anti 2 stars, Anti 3 stars, Anti Air, War/CWL Layouts), Townhall is placed at the center with clan castle, mortar, and air defense to protect these important buildings with multiple traps (spring trap, air bomb, bomb). We have designed the layout with three outer sections where the storages are placed inside the walls to protect the resources.

The first compartment includes three archer towers with two gold storages. The second one has an elixir storage, a cannon, a wizard tower, and a bomb. The third compartment consists of two cannons and an elixir storage. The barracks, builder’s hut, spell factory, laboratory, three army camps, five gold mines, and five elixir collectors are placed outside the walls to slow down the opponent’s army.

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Defense Working:

In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops:

Name Max level Hit points
Giant (10)
Level 2
Wall Breaker (6)
Level 2
Balloons (05)
Level 2
Wizard (12)
Level 2

Attacker’s spell

Name Max level Ability
Lightning Spell (02)
Level 4
240 (Total Damage)

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Cast the lightning spells.
  2. Deploy giants and wall breakers.
  3. Deploy wizards.
  4. Deploy balloons.

With this army, where the opponent has balloons in his army, he has to destroy the air defense because he can not deploy the balloons without destroying the air defense. 

So first of all, the opponent/attacker will cast lightning spells on it. After using lightning spells, he will deploy the giants near the air defense. Wall breaker will blast the walls and giants don’t need to wait here. At the same time, our defense buildings keep attacking the giants.

The attacker will deploy the wizards behind the giants. Giants will destroy the air defense and move toward other defense buildings but they are not enough to destroy all of them. Then balloons will be deployed. But due to a good layout strategy, the attacker already has used 30 to 40% of his army just to destroy the air defense.

His five balloons may damage one or two defense buildings. And at the end, the attacker will not be able to get 3 stars or even 2 stars.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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