Top Farming Base TH9 with Link, Hybrid, Anti Everything Layout - Clash of Clans (20)

In this th9 farming base,(Hybrid, Anti Everything Layout). The clan castle is placed in the middle of the base. Hidden tesla, air sweeper, x-bows, and bases of heroes are placed around it. The sections and boxes are built in a zig-zag shape. Townhall is placed in a small box in front of the clan castle.

The first two sections contain the archer tower, wizard tower, cannons, and resources. Air defense, archer tower, and mortars are placed on both sides of townhall section. The last three sections contain the wizard tower, archer tower, bomb tower, cannons, and mortars. All the remaining buildings are placed around the layout.

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Defense Working:

In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops

Name Max level Hit points
Balloon (38)
Level 6
Lava hound (01)
Level 2

Attacker’s Spells

Name Max level Ability
Healing Spell (02)
Level 6
1600 (total troop heal)
Rage Spell (02)
Level 5
28 (speed increase)
Freeze Spell (01)
Level 2
3 (spell duration)

Attacker’s Heroes

Name Max level Hitpoints
Archer queen
Level 30
Barbarian king
Level 30

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Deploy Balloons.
  2. Deploy lava hound.
  3. Deploy barbarian king.
  4. Deploy Archer Queen.
  5. Cast rage spell.
  6. Cast a healing spell.
  7. Cast a freeze spell.

The attacker will deploy balloons, lava hounds, and heroes at the corner. They will attack outer resources and destroy them. Archer tower, hidden tesla, and other defense buildings defend the base and attack troops. Hidden Tesla will kill the lava-hound troops.

He will cast rage spells on balloons to increase their speed. They will destroy the archer tower, wizard tower, and resources in a section. He will also cast healing spells on troops to heal them. Heroes will destroy outside resources. 

Air sweepers will push the balloons away to protect defenses and townhall and hidden tesla cause huge damage to them. He will cast freeze spells on hidden tesla and destroy them. Wizard tower and air defense destroy the remaining troops. 

Mortar will attack on barbarian king while he destroys outside resources. Our base hero will kill the barbarian king while the archer queen kill base heroes and destroy the townhall building. Using a combination of balloons and lava hound is the only way to get three stars from the base.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

My name is Michael Johnson. I am playing clash of clans game since 2015. I am the leader of a clan (My clan name is: Most Wanted) and also managing a team of 150 people who are running more than 10,000 accounts. We are the one who have seen all the ups and downs of this game.