Clash of Clans Funny Bases TH8

Clash of Clans Funny Bases TH8 are just for trolling and making fun in the game. We have 225 walls of level 8, five cannons of level 10, five archer towers of level 10, and three hidden Teslas of level 6. Moreover, we can use four Army camps of level 6, a Barrack, a Dark Barrack, a Clan Castle, and many more buildings to design the Best TH8 funny layouts.

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Defense Working For Clash of Clans Funny Bases TH8

Clash of Clans Funny Bases TH8
Coc Bases Wall Clash of Clans Funny Bases TH8

In this funny base TH8, (Funny Layout), we have designed this layout in a very unique way. The town hall is placed in the top corner of the base surrounded by multiple buildings including wizard towers, cannons, mortars, a clan castle, gold storages, gold mines, air sweepers and other resource and defense buildings. 

All the walls are placed in the shape of two lovers to provide this layout, a fun factor. These walls are placed in the center of the base

Note: TH8 stands for Town Hall 8, and COC stands for Clash of Clans [Game]. Copy the Best COC Funny Layouts TH8 with Links.

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In this article, I am sharing a demo of an attack on this base for better understanding.

Attacker’s Troops

Name Max Level Hitpoints
Barbarian (04)
Level 5
Wizard (07)
Level 5
Valkyrie (21)
Level 2

Attacker’s Spells

Name Max Level Ability
Lightning Spell (01)
Level 5
270 (Total Damage)
Rage Spell (03)
Level 5
28 (Speed Increase)

Attacker’s Heroes

Name Max Level Ability
Barbarian King
Level 20

Here are the steps for the complete attack on this base with the above army:

  1. Deploy the Barbarian King.
  2. Deploy the Barbarians. 
  3. Deploy the Wizards.
  4. Cast the Rage Spells. 
  5. Cast a Lightning Spell.
  6. Deploy the Valkyries. 

With the above army, the attacker will deploy the barbarian king in the corner near the cannons to attack and destroy buildings. He will deploy the barbarians and wizards near the army camps to make the attack vigorous. The barbarian king will attack and destroy a spell factory, cannons and a laboratory. 

On the other hand, wizards will attack and destroy army camps, builders’ huts, gold mines and other resource buildings. After that, he will cast a rage spell on the barbarian king to increase their power. He will cast a lightning spell on the gold storage to destroy it. Then, he will deploy the valkyries near the multiple buildings to attack and destroy them. 

He will cast the other rage spells on the barbarian king and valkyries to increase their power. His army will attack and destroy the town hall and other buildings. For this particular layout, the use of valkyries around the base to attack multiple buildings at a time along with the use of lightning and rage spells is the only way to be undefeated and get two or even three stars.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

My name is Michael Johnson. I am playing clash of clans game since 2015. I am the leader of a clan (My clan name is: Most Wanted) and also managing a team of 150 people who are running more than 10,000 accounts. We are the one who have seen all the ups and downs of this game.