Clash of Clans Fair Play Update - Upcoming Bans

Hey there! Are you fed up with getting annoying messages and clan join requests or any toxic behaviour of fake account users? Here we are! with the solution to all these problems.

Third-party software users

Supercell company has banned those players who were using unauthorized third-party software or automated gameplay. This ban policy is permanent. You can’t request to open this banned account again.

Bot Accounts

The people who are using fake accounts to scam the chiefs of the Clash of Clans are now getting kicked out of the game permanently by the Supercell company. They join the clans and sell their fake services like offering in-game currency including gems.

So from now on, feel free to play the game without any worries regarding your security because we will cover these ridiculous accounts for you.

Fair Play Update


The Clash of Clans official developers are working on the fair play services and they are strictly kicking out the fake and bot accounts from the gameplay. We are here to update you with each activity in the Clash of Clans. Stay clashing and keep conquering!
Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

My name is Michael Johnson. I am playing clash of clans game since 2015. I am the leader of a clan (My clan name is: Most Wanted) and also managing a team of 150 people who are running more than 10,000 accounts. We are the one who have seen all the ups and downs of this game.